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It is clear to us that the best baths in the world have always been surrounded by stories about legendary designers, their renowned performance of the products. Discover more about the bath world, the people who inspire, design, build, and enjoy them here.

It’s not just a bathroom, It’s a lifestyle…

Why DPSBath

With our history, Dpsbath has developed into a bathroom experience icon, a marque synonymous with luxury, heritage and authentic craftsmanship products. Alongside these core values comes passion, passion about the fixtures we represent and a passion shared by our enthusiastic manufacturers. All of our series are, and will continue to be distinguish and acclaimed, using high technology processes within a very modern environment.


Remaining at the forefront of contemporary manufacturing, every bathroom fixture produced embodies design and engineering excellence. Renowned around the world, we enter the next decade with the promise of radical innovation and change, without losing the core qualities that make our strong, independent brands so widely revered.